Sunday, June 30, 2013

Time For A Change

Please note that I have decided to move my blog to Wordpress.  I have started the migration process, but it is likely to take a month or so before everything is up to snuff.  New posts will be placed on Wordpress, not here on Google Blogger.  Wildrosewoodcraft on Wordpress

WARNING!   Rant ahead!

Why?  It's because I'm tired of Google.  They used to be the new up and coming internet darling, with all kinds of new and cool things.  I'm an early user of gmail, chrome, google docs, picasa, google drive, and other things google.  But the Google I initially signed up for is gone.  They no longer listen to their users, they simply shove new GoogleCrap down the users throats.  So I'm leaving.

A good example is Google+, which I refer to as Google Minus.  Every time I try to do something, they try to force me to sign up for Google Minus.  At one point they did it without my permission, but I deleted the account.  I don't want Google Minus.  End of story.  Leave me alone.  Oh, wait, Google doesn't listen to users, so we only have one thing we can do:  Leave Google.

Another example is Picasa.  This used to be the best photo cloud site on the web, and a really nice simple photo editor on the desktop.  It also linked seamlessly with Blogger.  No longer.  Every time I try to to link Picasa photos to my Google blog, I get jammed into the "Join Google Minus" system.  Long story short, I can't post my Picasa web photos on my blog any longer.

Finally, every time I try to view a Youtube video, Google trys to force me to use my real name in public places.  No way, Google, it ain't happening.  I believe in privacy.  Google believes in mining their users for every scrap of private data that they can get their grubby little paws on, and using it to their advantage.

So rather than consolidating all my internet use around Google, which would let them mine my personal data continuously,  I will be taking the divide and conquer approach.  My new browser of choice will be Firefox.  Blog will be Wordpress.  I'll keep my gmail account for now, but that is also in danger of going.  I've already set up a Yahoo email address just in case.   Photos have been migrated to Flickr.  Google Drive will be dropped in favor of Dropbox.

See you on Wordpress!

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