Sunday, June 2, 2013

I Must Be Bored

Why?  Because I'm not only doing spring cleaning, I'm doing spring re-arranging.  As if I don't have enough to do.  But I want to transition from my winter shop to my summer shop.  Here's my winter shop, crammed into the front of my garage, sharing space with two cars.  It's a nice little one-person workspace, but I can't do work on any large items in this space.  This is about a 10' x 15' space. 

Now granted, this is the pic I submitted for the "Messiest Shop Contest" on Woodnet.  So it looks a bit cluttered.  No, I didn't win, I was definitely in the "Lightweight" category. 

With the winter layout, I have limited access to my contractor table saw, planer and power jointer.  So I tend to use a lot of hand tools in the winter, along with the lathe and bandsaw.

Here's the new layout, with the truck in the driveway for the summer.



This exercise and new layout had some definite advantages, such as:

1) I can now work on both sides of my bench
2) Although the table saw, jointer and planer are not set up to run immediately, I can access them quickly
3) I cleaned some spots that hadn't been touched in multiple years
4) I found half a dozen tools that I had lost
5) I found tools I didn't know I had, and hadn't missed, which means I should sell them
6) The lathe is now right by the lathe tool rack
7) I have space to work on larger projects

So overall a worthwhile venture, although moving a 350 pound bench by yourself without wheels is a bit of a struggle.  But got 'er done, and the back is only a little sore.

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