Saturday, June 29, 2013

Benchtop Renewal

Since re-arranging my shop, I was having this.....nagging feeling.  Like something needed to be done, but I was purposely blocking it out.  You've all had that feeling before, haven't you?

Something finally gave way, and I owned up to my responsibility.  The benchtop needed to be flattened, now that I could get to all sides of the bench.  It actually wasn't in bad shape structurally.  There was no twist, but the front and back edges were definitely higher than the middle.  Cosmetically, it could definitely use some help.

I didn't take any before pics, as the camera was off-site, but here's an old one of one of the worn sections of the bench.

I started with the LV BU Jack with a toothed blade.  I know I'm supposed to use a #7 or #8, but this BU Jack paired with a toothed blade just seems purpose-made for this type of project.  Plus, I didn't need to make major changes, just do a touch-up.

Then smoothing with the LV BU Smoother.

And finally scraping with a card scraper.

Finished off with home brew BLO/Turpentine/Mineral Spirits.  Ready for another couple of years of abuse!

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