Tuesday, May 21, 2013

It's Camping Season

And every campsite needs a good bench.  My son and I built one from hand tools and western red cedar this weekend.  There was lots of raw material available, piled here for about 7 years, so it was nice and dry.  We pulled out the largest one we could find.  We used a pruning saw, axe, mallet, jack plane, chisel and wedges to build our bench.

First we cut out the notches in the legs, leaving them attached to the main trunk.  Don't have to worry about them holding still while sawing if you do it this way.

And the finished legs, roughly two feet long.  Nothing was measured for this project, but that's the approximate length.  Not exactly pretty, but they work.

Next, we cut a six foot length from the trunk used the axe and the wedges to split it in half.  No pics of that operation, but it split pretty cleanly.  However, there was some twist, so we went to work with the chisel and jack plane.

Then it was time to sit and relax and enjoy the view!

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