Saturday, May 25, 2013

Brace Storage Cabinet is Filling Up

I built a brace storage cabinet about a year ago to hold 5 braces and 3 eggbeaters.  Several guys on the Woodnet forum mentioned it was not large enough, and now they can tell me "I told you so".

The brace side of the cabinet has been full for some time with the following, left to right:

MF No 34 6" Rosewood
MF No ?  8" Beech
Dunlap 10" painted
MF No 772 10" Rosewood Lion
MF No 421 12" Beech (in back)

I ran across an old MF this past weekend, couldn't read the model number, but it was a 12" with cocobolo handles.  No way I can pass up cocobolo, and it was cheap, so I bought it without hesitation.  After cleaning off some rust, it's a MF No 731, which is a nice brace, probably from the early 1900s.

Now I have a 6", 8", 2 10", and 2 12" braces.  But only 5 storage spaces.  The obvious, logical answer is get rid of the Dunlap.  The less obvious and illogical answer is to use the storage cabinet for the best looking and most functional braces, and build a cheap hanger bracket to hold another 8-10 braces.  And keep buying and upgrading.

Yeah.  I think I'll be illogical on this one.

PS:  If I were to build this cabinet over again, I would make it a few inches deeper so the bit boxes didn't stick out the front.  Or build bigger drawers so the boxes could be stored in them.

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