Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Simple Shop Cabinet

I needed more storage, and found wall space to squeeze in a 24" x 42" cabinet in Doug Fir. I started with a 2"x10" that I resawed into 1" and 1/2" pieces. The 1" side became the dovetailed carcass and shelves, and the 1/2" side became a shiplapped back.  The bottom shelf is fixed in a rabbet and the upper two are adjustable. No doors at the moment, I'm thinking about that, not sure I want them. 

I'm happy to have something that is solid wood rather than plywood and MDF.  I put a home brew boiled linseed oil - Mineral Spirits - Turpentine finish on it, followed by paste wax.  I've blogged about this build previously, in Glue-Ups With The Right Clamps Are Boring and More Efficient Dovetails.

I also used a couple of the 1/2" resawn pieces to make some "Redneck Plywood".  Never heard of it?  It's cheap and strong.  I had two 1/2" pieces left over that were in sad shape, full of checks and knots, and warped all to heck.  Normally you would throw these away.  Don't do that - glue them together and glue a 1/4" strip on the front.  Makes a great, cheap shelf, and you can't tell it from a solid wood shelf.  

For now, it is being used to store some of my hand planes until I get the plane cabinet built, hopefully this summer.

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