Monday, January 7, 2013

Contrasting Wood For Rolling Pins

I made some rolling pins for belated Christmas gifts. I find it interesting to watch people select one. They always go for the padauk and walnut, even after I explain the maple is the best one. Go figure. They like the dark and exotic woods, don't care if they have open pores. Claro walnut (none in this pic) is almost always the first to go, then padauk, and finally the poor orphaned maple.

I usually use two different finishes, either mineral oil based or food safe vegetable based oils.  The quickest and cheapest one is mineral oil with a little paraffin (the type used for canning). Melt the paraffin into the oil in the microwave, defrost setting is best. I never measure anything, but I've heard people say use about 5 parts oil to 1 part wax.  Apply and leave overnight.

The more expensive and slow one is pure tung oil followed by walnut oil/beeswax. This is the one I like to use. Apply coats of tung oil a day apart, wiping off after an hour. When it stops taking it, set aside for a week. Then melt the beeswax into the walnut oil in the microwave, apply and leave overnight. Re-apply as needed. 

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