Saturday, November 3, 2012

Media Center, Post 2

My scheme is working...... writing about projects really does help me move forward. 

I got some of the not-so-much-fun stuff done today. The TV rack mount was installed and the TV is now suspended from the back wall. It is super-adjustable in every direction. The key reason for the rack mount was to eliminate the TV from the TV stand design. What?!??! Am I nuts? Seems kinda silly, but it's true. So now it's not really a TV stand, it's a.....uh, low wooden table? Shelves? Cabinet? I don't know what to call it, to be honest. Having to set the TV on it caused some design limitations. Now they are gone, and I can build a free-standing whatchamacallit. 

Fun stuff now, here are some pics. Let's start with results, as I know you are all bottom-line readers, right? 

This was done in layers. The first layer was two pieces of 2x10 doug fir about 41" long. These were cut to length and lag bolted with 8 4" lag bolts and washers to the wall studs. Bolt heads were countersunk. Here I'm cutting them to length with my D-42. OK, that part was fun, I admit.

As mentioned, these were lag bolted to the wall. Of course the studs aren't centered where you might want them; they never are, are they? 

On top of the doug fir, I used deck screws to attach a second layer, a nice piece of cherry veneered particle board, left over from the original building of the cabinet. That was nice of the cab builders to leave that behind! Here's a pic of that, and also the rack, which was layer three, held on by about 14 2" heavy screws. The rack kit came with six, and I added eight more. May be overkill, but if it comes down, that exterior wall is coming with it.

The directions that came with the rack were pretty cryptic; a postcand-size paper with about 8 drawings on it.  No text.  Wonder what country that comes from.  But it seems well built.

I may put some cherry trim around the sides and top, but I'll wait a while and see if the small painted areas bother anyone - that "anyone" being the house boss. When not illuminated with a flash, it's kinda hard to see back there.

That's it for now. I'm reading some articles on table design and general furniture design to come up with some ideas for the whatchamacallit. I find the "Design Matters" column by George Walker in PWW to be pretty interesting. 

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