Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Media Center Project

......and I am, putting off is more like it - the design and build. My wife has asked for this several times, and I've been conveniently ignoring her. I want to do it, but I have not been taking the necessary steps. It's like I have "media center" block. 

So I am motivating myself by putting words to paper (screen, actually) in this public forum. By doing so I expect to gin up a few ideas from the rusty cogs and crevices of my feeble brain. Also, if I don't make progress, I know someone will be watching......

The scenario goes like this: We have a cherry entertainment center with a projection TV in it. Projection TV breaks, and is replaced with a nice svelte flatscreen. To svelte, actually. There are gaps, and gaps are unseemly and must be addressed. See pics.

Note the little table from 1x2 pine; I built that for dorm furniture when I was in college just a couple years back.  This is what needs replacement, as it was just a temporary substitute, oh, say three years ago. What!!?? There's nothing wrong, it works just fine! (I keep telling my wife). 

The plan is to mount the TV to the wall on this bracket; it will be high enough so that the TV will cover the current gap at the top. Then build a cherry media center to go underneath it. Normally I would set the TV on the media center, but the logistics work better to hang the TV and slide the media center under. 

The media center will have rough dimensions of 24" high, 45" wide, and 15" deep. Everything else is wide open at the moment. I have toyed with the idea of a shallow row of drawers across the bottom, and one shelf. I'm thinking the front will be open. I want a simple but classic design that goes with the rest of the entertainment center. 

For inspiration, I'm eyeing this cherry coffee table.  It is 18" high x 38" wide.  Perhaps I can match some of the features it has, such as the moulding, drawers, etc.  

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