Thursday, August 16, 2012

Stanley Sweetheart 50 1/2 Mitre Box Rehab Finished

This is Part Three of this rehab, here are Part One and Part Two

Apologies for hurting your eyes, but this is the ugly before pic: 

And here is the after: 

The saw is a complete replacement, a nice Disston that I acquired from Walt at Brass City Records some time back. It fits this little box perfectly, with 3 1/2" under the back and 25" length. The base board, as I suspected, was walnut. I flattened it and cut it back so it fit the frame properly, without obscuring the scale. Darn thing actually had hints of curl in it. Nicest board I've ever had on a mitre box, for sure. 

The brass model number plate was in good shape, shined 'er up a little. 

The paint for the frame was a gray Tremclad, as close as I could get to what I think was the original color. On second thought, maybe I could have gone a shade lighter. But I'm happy with it. 

Only apology is it didn't have hangers. I may have to fabricate something, or if anyone knows the whereabouts of some, I'm all ears......  


  1. I was wondering what year the 50 1/2 Mite box is from? I have one that looks exactly the same.

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