Monday, August 6, 2012

Turning Bowls Is Like A Relationship..... can go sideways on you really fast, needs a lot of attention, blah, blah.  I made a nice little Padauk bowl for a friend's birthday, and my wife asked for one. 

Well, sure, but I can do better than that old Padauk bowl, I said. I decided to step it up a notch and use a nice piece of Cocobola I'd been saving for a special project. 

Kapow!  Curses!  Rats!  Must've had a little hairline crack, because there weren't any catches. Matter of fact, it turned like butter. I'll finish it up, cut a notch, put it on the shelf and chalk it up to experience. Both bowls were buffed and waxed, these exotics shine up nice without a finish.

By the way, I have never had problems with allergies to exotics. Even so, I'm pretty careful about running the dust collector and wearing breathing protection. What I didn't anticipate was an issue with putting in my contacts the next day - some pretty serious burning! I threw away that pair, they were almost done anyway. Only other time I had that problem was with jalapenos; my contacts burned then but it went away pretty quick. Looks like it's gloves for the jalapenos and Cocobola from now on. 

It was back to the drawing board; I pulled out this little block of Rambutan and turned a nice little fruit bowl.  Mandarin orange, anyone?

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