Monday, August 6, 2012

Green Poplar

Since I've started turning wood, my ear has become tuned to the sound of.....chainsaws.  Whenever I hear a chainsaw running, I hop in the truck and go for a drive.  Sometimes, you end up with some nice free wood for the asking.  And then sometimes it's free, but not so nice.

Such was the case a few weeks ago, when the sound of chainsaws directed me to the local golf course.  Yup, multiple large trees were being taken down after a windstorm.  I know the course manager, and dropped him an email inquiring as to the availability of the wood.  As luck would have it, he was on vacation.  So it was five days later when I was able to get my mitts on this:

It was free, but not so nice; poplar - uhg!  But, I need practice turning green wood, so here it is.  I cut it up on the bandsaw and rough-turned a few blanks.  Actually there is some nice contrast between the heartwood and sapwood.  It was pretty wet, fuzzy and lumpy to turn.  Should be ok after it dries tho.

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