Monday, July 30, 2012

My Lathe is Gaining Weight.....

......but I still love 'er, anyway.  I had to weight it down a bit to keep it from dancing across the floor while turning some green blanks.  Look close - you'll see a big log of green poplar on the left front leg held on with a bungie cord, a 44 pound bag of water softener salt on the back side, and a clutch/flywheel from a 2003 Porsche Boxster S on the right rear.  No, dang it, I don't have the Porsche anymore......had to sell it to pay for the woodworking habit.  But the worn-out clutch has come in handy!  I do miss that car tho.....

So what's the deal?  I picked up some free green poplar from the local golf course.  They were cutting a few down after a big wind knocked down some limbs.  Now poplar isn't cocobola, but the price was right(free) and I needed to practice turning green wood.  So I had some pretty big chunks of wood, and they were manhandling my little Jet 1220VS.  Here's the four logs, anywhere from 12" to 20" across.  The big one in the back is a crotch, so should be interesting if it's competent wood.

And here's a couple of rough-turned bowl blanks, which will be set aside to dry for a few months.  Nice contrast between the sapwood and heartwood.  These things sure turn wet and fuzzy when they are green.

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