Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wine Cellar - Harvesting

Got tired of waiting on my son-in-law's truck, so I piled seven sheets of drywall in the back of my 4Runner (barely) and then lugged it down into the basement.  Was it hard?  Nah, it was a breeze; after all, it was EASY-LITE lightweight drywall.  And that's the biggest load of marketing crap I've ever seen in my life!  Gypsum drywall?  Described as lightweight?  Ha!  Drywall makes me happy I have a college education.

But it's done.  A couple of several-hour sessions was all it took, and the room is complete.  I decided against mudding, taping and painting.  I was also planning to paint the floor, but then decided I wouldn't.  I was cleaning up, sweeping and mopping the floor in prep for painting.  60F and I was sweating like crazy.  Then it hit me, as I watched the water soak into the unsealed concrete - the floor was like a big rock sponge (you geologists will understand that).  It holds moisture - why seal it up?  So the floor will not be painted.

The door is the original hollow core, and is partially weatherstripped.  I need to get a little thicker weatherstripping for the other side of it.  I will also make a sill from hard maple, glue it to the floor and weatherstrip that.  Since the temp and humidity are exactly where I want them, I don't think I need an insulated door.  And it would be a pain to paint it to match the others in the house, so the original will work fine.

The room holds steady at 58F and 60% humidity - perfect for storing wine.  Here's my modest little 100 bottles or so.  That could easily be expanded to 300, probably up to 500 if I really jammed everything in.  I will build a few more shelves, but not very many; I'm thinking bulk storage for cases rather than single bottle storage.

I celebrated by cracking open a nice bottle of '05 Bordeaux.

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