Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rust Redux

Well, partially. Redux refers to something being brought back and/or restored. I've done part of that - I've brought a hunk of rust back to my shop. When I spotted this I didn't have a clue what was the brand or model. Careful inspection didn't help one bit - I couldn't find any kind of mark on it at all, other than "RAS" and "V51732" (likely owner initials and serial number). But it was well made and heavy cast iron. Good enough that I would risk eight bucks on it, anyway. In this pic I had already wire-brushed the mitre box and the wood. That's walnut, by the way. 

The saw looks like complete garbage. Nuts with phillips heads kinda gives it away, and no maker mark on the medallion. The handle shape is pretty ungainly, but the wood actually looks pretty decent. I might be able to refinish and reshape this handle into something that can be re-used. The carving is pretty weak, tho. I think this particular box was sold without a saw, so the user supplied one. Good thing I have several Disstons laying around, thanks to Walt at Brass City Records.  

I finally took out the screws holding in the wood, and the mystery was solved after wire-brushing the plate which had been hidden underneath. It's a Stanley Sweetheart model 50 1/2, and with a little cleanup, this will be a nice little user. It's not one of the big sought-after Langdons or Millers Falls, but it's a decent little mitre box saw that will serve me well in the shop.


  1. I would like to read about your restoration of this. I have several "projects" in need of restoration and I can use all the tips I can get. Thanks...Mark

    1. Hi Mark
      This is one of many......but I did get on this one tonight. It was just sitting on the benchtop begging to be restored. So I dis-assembled it and threw all the parts in a big plastic bin with hot water and citric acid. It's soaking and de-rusting as I type. Next is a fresh water wash and dry with a heat gun. Then wire wheel treatment followed by oil - except for the parts that need painting.