Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Coolest Thread in Wood-dom

......is right Here.  No! Don't just blindly click it, you silly person, it could be a scam!  OK, it's not a scam; read on, if you wish, to learn a little about it before you click.

  Smooth Plane Profile, Work Magazine Vol 5, p. 68  

It's about a project that reproduces an infill smoothing plane from the late 1800's, a plane that would be used by a carpenter or joiner of that era.  Instigated by the research of Joel at Tools For Working Wood, made possible by a skilled volunteer that hangs out in the Hand Tool Forums at Woodnet, this has to be one of the most interesting threads/project builds I've ever seen.  From the research (Work Magazine Vol 4 and Vol 5), to the planning, patternmaking and casting of the bronze body, this is keeping many of us on the edge of our seats.  Have a look, I think you will enjoy it also.

And be careful out there, you never know when a spammer will raise their ugly head!  Be an educated clicker.

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