Saturday, April 7, 2012

Simple Saw Till

It was time to face the fact that I wasn't going to get the fancy hardwood saw till built anytime soon, and get my saws organized.  There have been several saw till threads on the Woodnet Forum that had some really good examples of simple saw tills, so I set aside my reluctance and got going.  This design is simple, straightforward, flexible and low cost.  And when I do decide to do the fancy one, the parts of this one can be re-used for other projects.

All it requires are some scrap 2x4, a closet rod and some type of shelving brackets.  I had some twin track shelving leftover from another project, so it was easy to use.  The top shelf holds the 2x4 with slots cut 1.5" apart.  The bottom shelf supports the closet rod.  I planed a flat on one side of the rod so it would sit still while I screwed it to the shelf supports.

This one also has two sections, one for big saws and another for backsaws and dovetail saws.  There are also a couple of 2x2s screwed to the track in several places, to support the blades on shorter saws.  I can get 35 - 40 saws on this one, depending on how they are arranged.

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