Saturday, April 14, 2012

Resawing Douglas Fir Scraps

Every now and then, usually after a shop clean-up day, I'll gather up odds-n-ends Doug Fir scraps and do some resawing and panel glue-ups.  These are leftovers from my bench build, 2"x12"x16' timbers.  I cut away any pith, resaw them in half, glue up the bookmatched panels, flatten and plane, and stack them in the corner for the next project.  Lots of these will go to the brace storage unit I'm currently building.

This makes constructive use of scraps that might get tossed, keeps me busy and out of trouble, and I love the smell of freshly sawn Douglas Fir.  Although I do use the dust collector and the shop air filter, the fresh smell hangs in the air for hours.

And the end result can look pretty decent, even if it is just plain ol' Douglas Fir.  This one isn't glued up yet, but the grain of a bookmatched resawn 2x4 can make for some nice shop cabinets, boxes, drawers, etc.

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