Sunday, January 1, 2012

Screwdriver Boxed Sets

I made four boxed sets of screwdrivers this season - one for a woodworking internet acquaintance, one for my son, and two for my son-in-laws.  You may be tired of hearing about screwdrivers by now; rest assured I am done with them for a while also.  But one last post to primarily show how the box came together.

Here are some pics of the second one(left) and fourth one(right).  The box design is based on a traditional candle box, which a fellow woodworker adapted as a pencil box for his daughter.  I liked his build, so decided to use it for my screwdriver boxes.  The body of the box is quarter-sawn Sycamore.  Each box was built from a single board, and the grain wraps around the box.  The miter keys are Lyptus (I thought the reds in the Lyptus set off the reds in the Sycamore nicely).  The raised-panel lid is Cherry, and the bit holder and brackets are figured Walnut.  I think the handles in these pictures are Maple.  Finish on the box is danish oil, buffed and waxed.

There are magnetic catches throughout to hold everything together.

The Walnut box holds a set of 12 magnetic bits for the driver.  It has one coat of 1# shellac, buffed and waxed.

Two edges of the Walnut are bevelled so that it can be lifted out of the box easily.

A little shell was carved in the top of the lid to assist in opening and closing.


  1. Great gift, great 'presentation'...I'm planning this one for my ol' man.

  2. Thanks, Sean, it's fun to make, and your dad will enjoy it!