Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sharpening Stations

I have been working on my sharpening technique lately, and to enhance the experience I've built a couple of sharpening stations.  Sharpening stations are not a new thing, but these have a different twist - they are made from 3/8" sheet PVC, fused together with Weld-On 2007 (I used epoxy on the first one, but switched to the Weld-On for the second one).  This makes for a nearly indestructible unit that can be hosed down to clean it; it's very practical.

The first one has a 325x diamond plate and three sigma power waterstones, and can be used with an eclipse-type jig.  The five little stops at the front register the blades in the jig at 25 - 45 degrees, in 5 degree increments.

The second one is meant to be used with the Oneway Grind 'N Hone jig.  It has 3 blocks of Ipe of uniform size, charged with 6, 3 and 1 micron diamond paste.  I selected Ipe as it was the hardest wood I had available, with a Janka rating of 3680.  A primary hollow grind can be ground using the grinder, and you can go directly to the sharpening station with the jig, and put the secondary bevel on, using the diamond paste.  Here's a pic before charging with diamond paste.

And after charging with diamond paste and putting the secondary bevel on:

It's a good idea to label the blocks with the micron sizes, because after a while they all look the same dark color.

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