Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mastermyr Chest - continued

I had a decision to make......what to do with otherwise good wood, except for the knotholes.  Deal with this every time we build something, don't we?  In this case, the knotholes did not impact the structural integrity of the wood, so I decided to go ahead and use the wood.  After all, I paid full price for those knotholes, better put them to good use.  I decided to fill in the holes with epoxy, and use that piece for the bottom of the tool chest.

I actually take the West Systems expoxy and mix it with sawdust, wood chips, and plane shavings to form a nice chunky putty.  Pour it in, mold it into place and let it set.  In this case I had to put some packing tape on the back side, to keep the epoxy from leaking through.  It looks a little like dog vomit, but it is very strong.  It's not going anywhere, and being on the bottom no one will see it.

This planes down nice and smooth, works great.

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